Work Group Prof. Dr. F. Temps

Quantum state-specific unimolecular dynamics by SEP

Stimulated Emission Pumping

Vibration-rotation quantum state resolved investigations of the unimolecular dissociative dynamics of highly vibrationally excited molecules at and above the dissociation limit performed in our group have led to a new level of understanding of unimolecular elementary chemical reactions. 

Highly detailed spectra are recorded using Stimulated Emission Pumping (SEP). For the prototypical radicals CH3O and HCO/DCO as almost ideal model systems, the relation between intramolecular vibrational redistribution (IVR) and "state-specific" or "statistical" molecular dynamics has rarely been elucidated in more detail. In the case of DCO, the unimolecular dissociation rates are predicted directly from the vibrational spectrum.

Important papers:

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