Work Group Prof. Dr. F. Temps

Chemistry lab and infrastructure

We seek to investigate the most suitable and ideal sample molecules to solve a specific scientific problem, regardless of whether they are commercially available or not. Many of our samples need to be synthesized and purified, this work may sometimes take a fair amount of dedication and time. Other samples require special preparations for the subsequent dynamics measurements. Our Chemistry Laboratory designed towards these ends features all standard equipment for chemical syntheses, including stations for synthesis under inert gas atmospheres, Schlenk stations, vacuum distillation, rotary evaporators, flash chromatography, etc. Samples which are sensitive to atmospheric humidity are routinely handled in a dry box. 

Desktop spectrometers for routine measurements:

  • Shimadzu UV-2401UV-VIS desktop spectrometer,
  • Horiba Jobin Yvon Fluoromax 4 desktop fluorescence spectrometer,
  • Picoquant FluoTime 200 TCSPC fluorescence spectrometer,
  • Bruker IFS 66v FTIR spectrometer for liquid phase and gas phase samples.

Technical support:

  • In-house technical support is provided by the Mechanics Workshop, well equipped with modern computerized machinery, and by the Electronics Workshop of the Institute of Physical Chemistry.
  • Furthermore, the Chemistry Department runs several NMR spectrometers and X-ray diffraction spectrometers for analysis of crystal structure.
  • A transmission electron microscopy (TEM) facility for analysis of nanoparticles is operated by the Department of Materials Science.