Work Group Prof. Dr. F. Temps

Transient vibrational absorption

Our latest development, femtosecond Transient Vibrational Absorption Spectroscopy (fs-TVAS), complements our existing Transient Electronic Absorption Spectrometer by adding chemically specific detection in the infrared spectral region at wavenumbers from 800 - 4000 cm-1

Transient Vibrational Absorption Spectrometer
Experimental setup for femtosecond transient vibrational absorption spectroscopy.                                  (c) H. Böhnke, F. Temps


The measurement of vibrational bands of observable intermediates and products in the IR with a time resolution < 100 fs allows us to identify the species based on comparison with their (calculated) vibrational spectra. Current applications include investigations of H-transfer switches and the dynamics of  DNA building blocks. CaF2