Work Group Prof. Dr. F. Temps

Laser Diagnostics for Combustion and the Environment

Lasers are powerful tools to probe and sample complex chemical systems, including combustion processes, the Earth's atmosphere, other environmentally important systems, or for bio-medical diagnostics. 

In close collaboration with interested partners and companies, we develop and apply tailored laser diagnostics tools to meet your needs. Please approach use with your needs and applications. 


Combustion diagnostics

Laser spectroscopy provides a versatile toolbox for the diagnostics of and combustion processes. Among other applications, we have a focus on chemiluminescence (CL) spectroscopy, laser induced fluorescence (LIF) and particle imaging velocimetry (PIV) to look into fine details in flames and in a one-cylinder internal combustion test engine.

Important papers:

  • A. Thrun, F. Temps, J. Bauer, "Investigation of Turbulent Combustion and Flame Extinction in a One-Cylinder Internal Combustion Engine", VDI-Nachrichten 2267, 723 - 728 (2015).