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Uta Corinna Stange wins BASF Prize for best Master Degree in 2012, Mark Dittner receives B.Sc. Prize

Kiel, 20 December 2012:

Uta C. Stange

Two BASF Prizes for the best Master Degrees in 2012 were awarded at this years Christmas Colloquium of the Kiel Division of the German Chemical Society (GDCh), one of them went to Uta Corinna Stange. In her Thesis project, Uta studied the temperature dependence of the ultrafast electronic deactivation of 7Hadenine. She was the first to measure the existence of an activation energy for the electronic deactivation of 7H-Ade. Apparently, the excited wavepacket can be trapped in a shallow potential energy well en route to the conical intersection with the ground state. Vibrational excitation helps the wavepacket to escape from the well.

Mark Dittner received the prize for his B.Sc. degree. Mark's B.Sc. project on a porphyrin derivative switch is in the context of SFB 677 "Function by Switching".

Congratulations to your degrees and awards!