Work Group Prof. Dr. F. Temps

Tiny switches with huge effects: New SFB 677 in Kiel takes off!

Kiel, 1 July 2007:


In the new Collaborative Research Centre (Sonderforschungsbereich) CRC 677 "Function by Switching" at Kiel, work groups from the Chemistry, Material Science, and Physics Departments at CAU Kiel develop tiny molecular switches driven by light to realize new functions and functional materials. The SFB, inaugurated July 1 2007, is chaired by Prof. Rainer Herges of the Otto Diels Institute of Organic Chemistry.  We participate with a collaborative project led by Prof. Bernd Hartke, Dr. Falk Renth, and Prof. Temps, in which we explore the dynamics of photochromic molecular switches in solution and more complex molecular environments using femtosecond spectroscopy and by quantum chemical calculations (SFB project A1).

Read more on SFB 677 and more on subproject A1 (Hartke, Renth, Temps).