Work Group Prof. Dr. F. Temps

Third Kiel Symposium on "The Future Ocean"

Kiel, 13 - 16 September 2010:

250 scientist from 18 countries gathered in Kiel this week for the "Third Bi-Annual Kiel Symposium on The Future Ocean" to discuss a broad range of interdisciplinary marine topics.  Plenary lectures by Michael Grunze (University of Heidelberg) on "Chemical and Physical Cues in Marine Fouling" and by Heather C. Allen (Ohio State University) on "Molecular Organization at the Ocean Surface: Ions, Water, and the Microlayer" highlighted the ubiquitous roles played by Physical Chemistry in the Marine Environment. The accompanying mini-symposium on "Chemistry at Marine Interfaces" organized by G. Friedrichs, R. von Glasow, F. Temps, and D. Wallace featured four additional special sessions with invited and contributed talks on "Ocean-Atmosphere Coupling", "Surface Films", "Heterogeneous Processes", and "Air-Sea Gas Exchange" as well as a poster session. 

Future Ocean Symposium Kiel 2010
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A big "Thank You" goes to all speakers, poster presenters, and participants, who came from countries as far away as Japan to report on their most recent work.  Your presentations and your contributions to the lively discussion made this Symposium a great joy and success!  Special thanks to Michael Grunze and to Heather Allen, who did a great job in explaining their research to an interdisciplinary audiance. And many thanks also to Barbara D'Anna, Franz Geiger, Martina Roeselova, Reinhard Zellner, Hartmut Herrmann, and Roland von Glasow for their excellent feature talks. We really enjoyed having you all in Kiel for a great meeting and hope to see you all again soon, in Kiel or elsewhere.

Click here to download the programme of the mini-symposium "Chemistry at Marine Interfaces".

Click here for a larger version of the above photograph (sorry, several people were too busy discussing the last talks and are therefore missing).