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Sebastian Megow gave invited talk at DPG Spring Meeting

Mainz, 07 March 2017:  

Sebastian Megow's presentation at the DPG spring meeting 2017 in Mainz was upgraded by the organizers to an invited main talk due to the novelty and the huge interest in switching the spin state of transition metal complexes in solution at room temperature:

"Ultrafast dynamics of a magnetically bistable molecular switch by fs transient absorption spectroscopy"

Sebastian Megow*, Julia Bahrenburg*, Hendrik Böhnke*, Mats Bohnsack*, Mark Dittner*, Marcel Dommaschk**, Rainer Herges**, and Friedrich Temps* 
*Institute of Physical Chemistry and **Otto-Diels-Institute of Organic Chemistry, Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel 


Zwei Studenten und eine Tasse Kaffee
Photo-induced spin-state switching reactions of the azypridine Ni-porphyrin.   


The paper presented first results of our femtosecond studies of the photoreversible switching dynamics between the trans or low-spin configuration and the cis or high-spin configuration of an azopyridine-functionalized nickel-porphyrin, the so-called "Ni(II)-porphyrin record player" developed by our colleagues in the Otto Diels Institute of Organic Chemistry at CAU Kiel. The results show that the dynamics in both directions are determined by transitions between the Ni(d2) and Ni(d,d) excited states. A second highlight was the quantum yield determination for the switching from high-spin to low spin. 

Femtosecond spectroscopy at this level of complexity requires the collaboration of a large number of researchers with different expertise. This is reflected by the long list of co-authors. 

The abstract of the paper is accessible here in the DPG Verhandlungen. 

A second talk was given by Jonas Kus (co-authored by Jonas, Ole Hüter and Friedrich Temps), who reported on "Long-lived coherence with multiple vibrational frequencies in pentafluoropyridine as a probe of ππ*- πσ* vibronic coupling" (click here to read the abstract).