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Otto Diels Prize for Chemistry Diplomas 2006

Kiel, 14 December 2006:

Otto Diels Prize 2006            Otto Diels Prize 2006
Prof. Felix Tuczek presenting the Otto Diels prizes to Anke and Nina.     Photos: S. Kastaun


Dipl.-Chem. Anke Petter and Nina Schwalb received the Otto Diels Prize of the Chemistry Department of Christiana Albertina University Kiel for the best chemistry diplomas of the academic year 2005/06.  They submitted their diploma theses in December of 2005, Anke on an "Investigation of the Dynamics of the Ultrafast Z - E Photoisomerization of a Furyl Fulgide by Transient Absorption Spectroscopy" and Nina on "Time-Resolved Femtosecond Fluorescence Spectroscopy of N6,N6-Dimethyladenine".