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Otto Diels-Prize for best Ph.D. Theses 2009 to Dr. Claudia Bornholdt and Dr. Nina K. Schwalb

Kiel, 17 December 2009:

The Otto Diels-Prize of the Chemistry Department of Christian Albrechts University Kiel for the best Ph.D. Thesis in the academic year 2008/09 has been awarded to Dr. Nina K. Schwalb and to Dr. Claudia Bornholdt. Nina's thesis on the "Ultrafast Electronic Deactivation Dynamics in DNA Model Systems by Femtosecond UV Fluorescence Spectroscopy" established a new research field in our group, which has now developed into one of our main tasks. Claudia did her Ph.D. work on "Ligand-Driven Light-Induced Spin Cross-Over in Single Molecules at Room Temperature" in Rainer Herges' group. Both were honored for their "truly outstanding original contributions at the forefront of the Chemical Sciences".  The prizes were presented to Nina and Claudia at the traditional Christmas Colloquium of the Kiel Division of the German Chemical Society (GDCh) by Prof. Thisbe K. Lindhorst.  

At the same meeting, the BASF prizes for the best diplomas were awarded to Dipl.-Chem. Michelle Fernandez-Bieber and to Dipl.-Chem. Mark Feyand from the groups of Prof. Lindhorst resp. Prof. Stock. In addition, four young undergraduate students received pre-diploma prizes.  The afternoon's programme featured talks by the prize winners with the traditional "Glühwein break" in between.