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Julia Bahrenburg receives Familie Schindler Prize

Kiel, 01 July 2015:

Dr. Julia Bahrenburg and Dr. Julian Linshöft received the 2015 Familie Schindler Prize for their outstanding Ph.D. Theses in the field of Physical Chemistry and for applying Physical Chemistry methods.


Dr. Julian Linshöft, Dr. Julia Bahrenburg and Prof. Dr. J. Grotemeyer
Dr. Julian Linshöft, Dr. Julia Bahrenburg, Prof. Dr. J. Grotemeyer
Photo: Sebastian Maas, (c) CAU KIel


Julia Bahrenburg obtained her Ph.D. in the Temps group in 2014 with a thesis entitled "Ultrafast Photochemical Dynamics of Azobenzenes Affected by Intra- and Intermolecular Interactions and of a Proton Transfer Switch". She studied the photoswitching dynamics of Disperse Red 1 in solution and linked to a side chain of PBMA colloids in comparison to an azobenzene cross-linked into the main chain of the polymer. In addition, she studied the influence of chromophore-chromophore couplings in multi-azobenzenes, the dynamics of the azobenzene-porphyrine spin switch developed in the group of Prof. Herges, and she initiated the investigation of H atom / proton transfer photoswitches in our group, which have led to the new sub-project A7 in the CRC 677 "Function by Switching". She has since accepted a top level R&D position at DLR in Stuttgart. Julian Linshöft received his Ph.D. in 2014 with a thesis on "Main Group Heterocycles for Semiconducting Polymers"  in the group of Prof. Anne Staubitz in the Otto Diels-Institute of Organic Chemistry.

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