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Claudia Sievers and Uta Corinna Stange reveive B.Sc. Prize, Meike Becker receives Otto Diels Diploma Prize

Kiel, 16 December 2010:

Meike Becker
Uta C. Stange
        Claudia Sievers
Claudia Sievers

This years Christmas Colloquium of the Kiel Division of the German Chemical Society (GDCh) saw a premiere:   The first bachelor degrees in the chemistry department at CAU were celebrated with prizes going to the five best graduates.  Among the winners were two students, who did their thesis work in our research group:  Claudia Sievers and Uta Corinna Stange. 

Claudia synthesized and characterized two new multi-chromophore azobenzene compounds which allowed her to gain insight into the mutual interactions between two or more azobenzene chromophores in a molecule by charge-transfer or exciton coupling.  Uta on the other hand prepared self-assembled azobenzene-thiol monolayers on gold (111) and measured their IRRAS and IR/VIS SFG spectra.  Both projects open new doors for our research in the frame of the SFB 677 "Function by Switching".  

At the same time, Meike Becker won the Otto Diels diploma prize for one of two outstanding diploma degrees of the year 2010.  Meike measured pCO2 and the 13CO2/12CO2 isotope ratios using cavity ring spectroscopy on a trip aboard RV Polarstern between Punta Arenas (Chile) and Bremerhaven.  Her  thesis work, which was funded by the Excellence Cluster "The Future Ocean", was supervised jointly by Gernot Friedrichs and Arne Körtzinger of IFM Geomar.

Congratulations to your graduations and awards!