Work Group Prof. Dr. F. Temps

32nd International Symposium on Free Radicals, 21 - 26 July 2013

Kiel, 18 July 2012:

The 32nd International Symposium on Free Radicals will take place in Potsdam, Germany, from 21 - 26 July 2013 at Seminaris SeeHotel, less than 5 km from the beautiful parks and palaces of Sanssouci. 


Want to know why you should participate?  The Scientific Programme will be superb!

There will be 22 Invited Talks, a series of Hot Topic Talks selected from the contributed poster abstracts, and two large Poster Sessions. Students who wish to present a poster and register early will obtain assistance towards their registration fees.

Moreover, Potsdam, just 35 km from the center of Germany's hot and sizzling capital Berlin, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that features more than 20 parks and palaces, the larges ensemble of palaces north of the Alps. And it does not need to be mentioned that Berlin, which has become one of the top tourist destinations in Europe, offers countless landmarks and cultural highlights.  

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