Work Group Prof. Dr. F. Temps

Dr. Erko Jalviste (Tartu University, Estonia)

Erko is a regular visitor to Kiel, most recently in November/December 2011.  He first joined us as Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow.  He spent one and a half years in Kiel in 1997/1998, another half a year in early 2001, and a few monsths in 2004.  He worked on the laser induced fluorescence of jet-cooled indazole.  He successfully measured the excitation and dispersed fluorescence spectra of indazole monomer and indazole-water complexes and managed to analyze the spectra with the help of ab initio calculations.  He had the courage and he had the patience to sort through long series of spectra - which at first glance looked quite horrible, but in the end were very rewarding.  Erko has recently carried out hole-burning experiments on the dimers and trimers of indazole and various complexes of indazole with water and measured their REMPI spectra.