Work Group Prof. Dr. F. Temps

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Lecture material and lab scripts available via OpenOlat (you need to be registered on OLAT):

"Physikalische Chemie 1: Chemisches Gleichgewicht" (Modul chem0204)

"Physikalische Chemie 2: Struktur der Materie" (Modul chem0304)

"Physical Chemistry 3: Chemical Kinetics" (Module chem0405)

"Physical Chemistry 4: Molecular Spectroscopy" (Module chem1003)

"Elements of Photochemical Dynamics and Ultrafast Spectroscopy" (Module chem5018A)

"Laser Spectroscopy" (Module chem1004C; available in WS 2021/22)

Physikalisch-Chemisches Praktikum 1 (Grundpraktikum, Modul chem0304)

Physikalisch-Chemisches Praktikum für Zweifächer-Studierende (Modul chem0511)

Physikalisch-Chemisches Praktikum 2 (Fortgeschrittenenpraktikum, Modul chem0603)  

Lab Course on Laser Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry (Module 1003C)


Some older material is still available upon request: 

Lecture Notes on "Dynamics of Chemical Reactions" (Module chem1004C)

Lecture Notes on "Environmental Physical Chemistry"

Seminar on "Femtosecond Spectroscopy"

Seminar on "Ultrafast Photo-Induced Molecular Transformations"

Seminar on "Ultrafast Dynamics of DNA Building Blocks"

Seminar on "Molecular Mechanisms of Unimolecular Reactions"

Spektroskopiemodul für Studierende der Biochemie (Modul chem1020)