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Please note that several lecture scripts of Prof. Temps have been temporarily removed for editing.  New versions will become available in the coming semesters via OpenOlat or will be published freely as open access material. Passwords are distributed in the first lecture or in the "Vorbesprechung".


Lecture material available via OpenOlat:

Materialien zur Vorlesung "Physikalische Chemie 1: Chemisches Gleichgewicht" (Modul chem0204)

Lecture Notes on "Physical Chemistry 4: Molecular Spectroscopy" (Module chem1003)

Lecture Notes on "Elements of Photochemical Dynamics and Ultrafast Spectroscopy" (Module chem5018A)


Lecture material available from password-protected sites: 

Materialien zur Vorlesung "Physikalische Chemie 2: Struktur der Materie" (Modul chem0304)

Lecture Notes on "Physical Chemistry 3: Chemical Kinetics" (Module chem0405)

Lecture Notes on "Laser Spectroscopy" (Modul chem1004C)

Lecture Notes on "Chemical Dynamics" (Module chem1004C)

Lecture Notes on "Environmental Physical Chemistry"

Seminar on "Femtosecond Spectroscopy"

Seminar on "Ultrafast Photo-Induced Molecular Transformations"

Seminar on "Ultrafast Dynamics of DNA Building Blocks"

Seminar on "Molecular Mechanisms of Unimolecular Reactions"


Download lab scripts via OpenOlat:  

Physikalisch-Chemisches Praktikum 1 (Grundpraktikum, Modul chem0304)

Physikalisch-Chemisches Praktikum für Zweifächer-Studierende (Modul chem0511)


Download lab scripts here from password-protected sites:

Physikalisch-Chemisches Praktikum 2 (Fortgeschrittenenpraktikum, Modul chem0603)

Lab Course on "Laser Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry" (Module chem1004C)

Spektroskopiemodul für Studierende der Biochemie (Modul chem1020)