Work Group Prof. Dr. F. Temps

Welcome to our new group homepage!

Kiel, 01 October 2015:  

Our new group homepage finally went online today!  It offers a fresh new look and also much more information on our research. We hope you'll enjoy it and look forward to your comments!  


2015 Group Photo
2015 group photo.  From left to right, first row:  Alexander Thrun, Rebecca Marschan,
Elisabeth Moshake,  Dennis Bank,  Jonas Kus,   Sebastian Schatz,   Mats Bohnsack,
Hendrik Böhnke,  second row: Tanja Sharif, Uta Corinna Stange, Anja Köhntopp, third
row: Sebastian Megow, Ole Hüter, Shuangqing Wang.                       Photo: AK Temps


Click here to download the above photograph in larger format or here to download our "Laser Cats" photo.


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