Work Group Prof. Dr. F. Temps

Ole Hüter receives Familie Schindler Prize 2016

Kiel, 06 July 2017:

Congratulations to Dr. Ole Hüter for the 2016 Familie Schindler Prize for an outstanding Ph.D. Thesis in the field of Physical Chemistry!

Ole obtained his Ph.D. in our group in 2016 with a thesis on the "Femtochemistry of Vibronically Coupled Excited Electronic States of Carbonyl Compounds and Highly Fluorinated Benzene". During his work, he set up a highly versatile combined femtosecond time-of-flight mass spectrometer (fsTOF-MS) and photoelectron imaging (fsPEI) spectrometer for investigations of the ultrafast vibronic dynamics of electronically excited organic molecules in a pulsed supersonic molecular beam. He then used both techniques to study the photodissociation dynamics of acetone and other carbonyl compounds after excitation to the S1 (nπ*) state. He could show that the S1-excited molecules readily absorb another UV photon to reach high-lying Rydberg states, due to the huge absorption cross sections of those Rydberg states, and then quickly undergo dissociation. This process likely explains the alleged fast dissociation of acetone from the S1 state observed previously by Sergej Dziarzhytski by photofragment imaging in our group and in other laboratories. Ole also identified the origin of pronounced long-lived coherent dynamics of the TOF-MS and PEI signals of pentafluorobenzene (PFB). According to his results, the observed oscillations orginate from strong vibronic coupling of the optically bright ππ* state with the πσ* state at about 1 eV higher.

His work has already led to four valuable publications in J. Chem. Phys. and the like, with some more papers being on the way.