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Mayra C. Stuhldreier receives Otto Diels-Prize for best Ph.D. in Chemistry in 2013

Kiel, 19 December 2013:

Mayra C. Stuhldreier had reason for an early Christmas celebration this year: After finishing her Ph.D. in the summer with Summa Cum Laude, she received the Otto Diels-Prize of the Chemistry Department of Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel for the best Ph.D. in Chemistry 2013.  In her Thesis on the "Electronic Deactivation Dynamics of DNA Model Systems and Solvation Dynamics of a Natural Antioxidant by Femtosecond Fluorescence and Absorption Spectroscopy", she reported the first spectrally as well as temporally resolved experimental data on the fate of the elusive exciton and excimer states in DNA dinucleotides after UV photoexcitation. With this work, she shed light on a long-lasting highly controversial problem of Photobiophysical Chemistry!


Photo: F. Renth


The Otto-Diels Prize was presented to Mayra (see photo, second from right) at the traditional Christmas Colloquium of the Kiel Division of the German Chemical Society (GDCh) by Prof. Thisbe K. Lindhorst (third from left). At the same meeting, Matthias Lipfert (AK Sönnichsen) received the prize for the best Master degree, four new Bachelors of Science won two-year GDCh memberships and two poster awards were presented for designs of CAU Chemistry Internationalization Posters. The afternoon's programme was completed by three scientific presentations from the Chemistry Institutes, a thoughtful and memorable intermezzo on the birth of Inventions in Chemistry by Thisbe Lindhorst, and traditional Glühwein, Christmas cookies and soup prepared by JCF Kiel.