Work Group Prof. Dr. F. Temps

Dr. Jens Riedel receives 2007 Familie Schindler Förderpreis for an outstanding Ph.D. thesis in Physical Chemistry

Bordesholm, 8 July 2007:

Jens obtained his Ph.D. in 2006 with a thesis on "Investigations of Photo-Induced Molecular Dissociation Processes by Photofragment Imaging Spectroscopy", in which he applied photofragment imaging to a variety of exciting reactions, including the photo-induced N-H/N-D predissociaton processes of pyrrole and pyrrole-d1. He also developed a new Doppler-free variant for H-atom imaging.  He has since moved as post-doc with Prof. Kopin Liu to the Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences of the Academia Sinica in Taipeh, Taiwan, which under the leadership of 1986 Nobel Laureate Prof. Yuan T. Lee has grown into a world-renowned institute.

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